Poul Mark
Poul Mark

Company: Trascend Coffee
Position: Owner
Country: Canada

Poul founded Transcend Coffee in 2006 with a passion for great coffee and community. In a few short years, Poul has built a thriving and multi-faceted business and has established himself as an expert in coffee. He has been invited to judge several international coffee competitions, including the Best of Panama, Rainforest Alliance cupping for quality, the 2009 El Salvador Cup of Excellence, and the 2010 Honduras Cup of Excellence. Poul is also a Q-grader, who invests a significant amount of time traveling to the countries where coffee is grown to meet coffee farmers face to face, to develop direct-trade relationships and find some of the very best green coffees in the world. Most recently, Poul was asked by FH Burundi to work with producers in the Kayanza region, to help improve quality with the hopes of producing micro lots which will be marketed to specialty roasters in North America.
Transcend Coffee is a Canadian specialty coffee roaster operating three cafés in Edmonton, Alberta and an online store focused on bringing the very best coffees from around the world to North American coffee drinkers. Transcend travels the globe, meeting directly with coffee farmers, paying some of the highest prices to ensure the highest quality and encourage true sustainability in coffee growing countries. Transcend Coffee purchases micro lots, which are roasted in small batches and ships fresh roasted coffee to the US and Canada.

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