Christophe Montagnon
Christophe Montagnon

Company: CIRAD
Position: Coffee Research Advisor for GCQRI

Christophe MONTAGNON
French Agricultural Research Center for International Development
Avenue Agropolis, 34398 Montpellier Cedex 5 France
Phone / Fax: +5215526996596 / +525552597813
Skype : montagnon4666

Dr. Montagnon stands at the crossroads of various pathways; he works with both basic and applied science, with both the public and private sectors does so in both coffee producing and coffee consuming countries. Dr Christophe Montagnon is a quantitative geneticist combining recognized scientific skills together with long-term experience in research management.
During his stay in Africa, Dr Montagnon ran the first ever Reciprocal Recurrent Selection program on coffee and selected a new generation of hybrids varieties. These varieties are being registered in Africa. He also paved the way towards a sound and comprehensive quantitative genetic approach, establishing the main genetic parameters of coffee and initiating the transition to a Marker Assisted Selection approach. He participated in the construction of the first coffee BAC library and QTL mapping. Today, after eight years of intense research direction and management, he has returned to   basic research activities, initiating a Genome Wide Selection program in Mexico with the best national scientific partners. In this context, he currently coordinates the production of a large amount of SNPs for coffee while his research team at CIRAD headquarters is leading of a French funded project towards sequencing of the coffee genome. He recently assisted in the establishment of the Mexican Coffee Strategic Alliance with 12 academic and private partners under the umbrella of the National Scientific Council of Mexico (Conacyt).

Dr Montagnon was the head of CIRAD coffee research and then of coffee & cocoa research between 2003 and 2006. As such, he was responsible of up to 60 persons of all field of research applied to coffee and cocoa. He was responsible for research strategy, budget priorities, establishment of KPIs and evaluation of researchers. He was also the CIRAD coordinator for all coffee and cocoa partners, academic and private, worldwide. Since 2006, he’s been leading the ECOM-CIRAD alliance aiming at transferring the capacity of mass-producing a new generation of coffee varieties combining both high productivity and quality attributes.  In addition to his work in coffee genetics, he was the coordinator of the IFC-Ecom-Nespresso project which aims to strengthen the value chain for Sustainable coffee in Central America and Southern Mexico. IFC is considering this project as one of its greatest success story. He’s now part of several coffee research initiatives aiming at conciliating coffee productivity and quality in Mexico and Central America.

Finally, Dr Montagon is a founding member of several coffee initiatives such as the International Coffee Genomic Network (ICGN) and the Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA). In December, he will be decorated by the InterAfrican Coffee Organisation, gathering the governments of all African coffee producing countries, for his contribution to coffee research.