Judith Ganes-Chase
Judith Ganes-Chase

Position: President and Founder
Country: USA

Judith Ganes-Chase, founder and president of J. Ganes Consulting, LLC—the leading, independent commodities research and consulting services company—is a world-renowned soft commodities and futures analyst with nearly 30 years experience in the food and agricultural industries. In addition to writing her Exclusive Market Reports and providing Advisory Services to numerous corporations, organizations and investment groups, Judy regularly contributes articles to industry publications, and authors’ major independent studies.  Her firm also offers educational training on risk management techniques for hedging futures and options from beginner to advanced level.  She has instructed courses worldwide.

Judy started her own consulting firm 10 years ago. Prior to this Ms. Ganes-Chase was Director of News and Research at InterCommerical Markets (now Eximware), but spent most of her career on Wall Street working for major brokerage houses Merrill Lynch (now part of Bank of America) and Shearson Lehman (now Smith Barney Morgan Stanley/Citigroup) as a Senior Commodities Analysts for their many institutional and retail clients covering coffee as well as sugar, cocoa, cotton, and orange juice. She is an active participant in many industry organizations and has served as President and Vice President on the Board of Directors of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance.