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Welcome to Nicaragua!

Nicaragua is located in Central America with an area of ​​130mil km2 and approximately 5 million inhabitants. It is divided into 17 departments, with oday have only administrative purposes only. They have no authority, nor own or delegated by the central government. The departments are divided into municipalities governed by a mayor and a council. Since 1987 two autonomous regions were created from the former department of Zelaya, the North Atlantic and South Atlantic, which are governed by a Regional Coordinator and Regional Autonomous Council. These autonomous regions are populated primarily by indigenous peoples and their local government is governed by the rules of these cultures.


RAMACAFE 2011 Presentations
11 2011
You can download "Ramacafe Presentations"

International Women Coffee Alliance in Brazil
10 2011
International Women Coffee Alliance throws seed on Brazilian soil.

II Convention - International Women Coffee Alliance
02 2011
We invite you to participate in II International Women Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Convention to be held in El Salvador, October 25-27,2011.