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Who we are?

"To enable systematic meetings between national and international specialists, producers, marketing specialists and other members of the coffee industry in order to help make coffee production profitable and competitive at a global level, within a framework of social conscience and environmental sustainability, and offering current information, business opportunities, contacts and exchanges of experiences so as to obtain greater aggregate value from a private entrepreneurial perspective."

"To contribute permanently to the coffee sector's sustainable development, seeking to improve its competitiveness world market of our times."


"To generate improvement of the standard of living of coffee producers and others involved in agro-industrial coffee processes, promoting quality, marketing, sustainability and environmental protection."


    1. To maintain coffee producers' interest in the implementation of production strategies with a vision toward sustainability, emphasizing the current opportunity to implement necessary reforms on coffee farms that will help to ensure better conditions to confront any future crisis.

    2. To provide a forum of opportunities to establish business contacts and share experiences with other producers.

    3. To provide participants with information related to current and prospective coffee market conditions, and to study the marketing strategies of important international coffee companies.

    4. To present and provide information about innovative practices that make it possible to increase aggregate value and improve the efficiency and profitability of coffee farms, and to provide information about technological breakthroughs.

    5. To pique producers' interest about aspects related to coffee farm diversification and the importance of certifications for better market access.

    6. To present certain initiatives for the marketing of quality coffee and their results in different countries of the region.


RAMACAFE 2011 Presentations
11 2011
You can download "Ramacafe Presentations"

International Women Coffee Alliance in Brazil
10 2011
International Women Coffee Alliance throws seed on Brazilian soil.

II Convention - International Women Coffee Alliance
02 2011
We invite you to participate in II International Women Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Convention to be held in El Salvador, October 25-27,2011.